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Clear Indicator
We can track the number of e-mails that are opened and followed links, providing you with a clear indicator of the campaigns success.

Custom Animation

Corporate Identities
Database Design & Implementation
Internet Marketing > Website Design
Employ a cost effective method to reach potential customers by utilizing e-mail marketing.  Use your customer database or let us define one for you based on the profiles and demographics that you desire.

Price quoted on a project per project basis - includes page layout and design.

Online Advertising can help you identify a whole new market and provide you with an entirely new revenue stream.

  Why spend thousands of dollars on one-print ads that someone may toss out?  This practice deprives you of a clear picture regarding the campaigns success.

Another great feature is the ability to allow potential customers to opt-in or opt-out of your e-mail campaigns so that you are able to refine your target market. 

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